About Me


Hi there!
My name is Eva and I'm a Digital Artist, Photographer, and Investor from London, UK. Growing up I was always very creative;  drawn to film, cinematic and photography. Currently I am working on my Digital Media Marketing Agency, E-Com Businesses and investment projects.

I furthered my digital skill-set taking workshops in Los Angeles, CA at Gnomon School of Visual Effects, where I specialized in CG Texturing, Lighting and Compositing. My passion as an artist is to create compelling imagery doing what I love best and always forever learning. I like sharing my travel experiences, through my photography.

When I'm not glued to the computer, I enjoy being in the water, surfing, scuba diving, Gym, photography, food, and travelling. I’m a total peanut butter addict and I have a fitness and lifestyle YouTube channel. Creative ambitions doesn’t allow for too much sleep, I love what I do.